We work with you to create  beautiful and comfortable living spaces that work with YOUR lifestyle. Whether it's one room or your entire  home, rental property or office space, we have several options for creating a fresh and modern look. 

We begin with an in-home or Skype consultation to see discuss your personal style,  lifestyle of everyone in the home and ideas for the space. 

Next step is agreeing on a budget. We will then create a budget plan to give you an idea of where to invest. 


We can do the shopping with you or for you with an itemized list of with specifications and where to purchase. 

 Starting at $500.00

If you would rather do the shopping yourself, we can create a mood board together with an itemized list of pieces with approximate measurements and specs for the pieces. 

Starting at $ 300.00


Starting at $500 

Rental pricing based on each project 

Custom furniture and draperies 

Pricing TBD 



We work with men, women and children to update your look for casual,  work wear,  modelling portfolio or commercial wardrobe.   We help you find great fitting pieces that fit within  your budget.

Check out our packages below: 

​PERSONAL SHOPPINGCome shopping with us! It's a  fun, easy experience from purchasing a few new pieces each season or an entire new wardrobe to fit your personal style, budget and lifestyle in just 2 hours.  

We begin with a consultation over the phone, Skype or FaceTime to go over your personal style, current needs and wants, favourite colours,  brands and sizing. 

We put together a shopping plan and then do a pre-shop and pull pieces specifically for you.  You will try on the pieces and we will provide styling and alteration tips as we go. There will also be a Style Guide recap sent to you for reference after the shopping experience. 

3 hour shopping  package = $ 450.00 

Don't want to step foot in the mall? We will bring the pieces right to your home. You shop from the pieces and sizes you like and we do the exchanges/returns. 

4 hour package = $ 700.00 


We go through your entire wardrobe with you and help decide which pieces need to go, stay, be altered or sold/donated. We help you  find new pieces complete the perfect wardrobe.

Starting at $700 


Own a small business or side hustle? We help you take your business to the next level with social media marketing. It is very important to have a well branded  online presence for any type of  business. Consumers like to do their research these days and having information that is professionally communicated online is key for potential clients to  feel comfortable with your service or  product.

We begin with a consultation to go over your existing business and discuss business goals. 

We will then analyze your current marketing and create a plan specifically for your business and target market. 

We offer photography and videography  for e-commerce, advertisements, mail-outs, blog posts, product photography, and portrait photography.

Style Concept specializes  in Fashion,  Interior Design, Beauty and Travel content, however, we are open to hearing about your unique business and how we can help you build an stronger brand. 

Packages start at $300 per month 

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